Introducing 60G

The next big thing in Wi-Fi is here: the 60G family of solutions from Nitero, based on the IEEE 802.11ad™ standard.  It brings amazing support for 4K wireless displays at near-zero latency and supports content sharing at unprecedented speeds.

Nitero’s 60G  is the long-awaited answer to the true convergence of PC, gaming and entertainment platforms onto a single device.

The NT4600

The NT4600 is Nitero’s first 60G product.  More importantly, it’s the industry’s only end-to-end IEEE 802.11ad solution built for mobile applications from the ground up.  We’re demonstrating it to select customers and partners today and will ramp production in 2015.

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The NT4600 Advantage

The NT4600 is designed in an advanced 28nm RF process.  It is up to 10x more power efficient than 802.11ad solutions designed for the PC.  And, it brings cost and form-factor in-line with existing 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions.

The NT4600’s built-in support for beamforming delivers full-room performance even in non-line-of-sight conditions.  What’s more, its world-class output power and sensitivity handles even the toughest in-room environments.

Whether at work or at play, Nitero’s NT4600 lets us finally use our smartphones and tablets as intended.

Our Team

Nitero is a fabless semiconductor company developing high performance, low power 60GHz CMOS solutions.  The technology builds on CMOS mm-wave research conducted by NICTA and the University of Melbourne from 2004 until Nitero’s founding in 2011.

Our world-class engineering team is comprised of industry experts responsible for shipping billions of units of wireless and RF technologies worldwide.

Nitero is funded by leading venture capitalists with deep semiconductor roots—Austin Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners and Trailblazer Capital.

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“Nitero’s NT4600 streaming service start of the end for [the] cable guy.”

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“The chip will help usher in a new kind of wireless networking for mobile devices…”

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“Nitero is bringing its first radio silicon to market, and it’s targeted directly at the smartphone.”

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Nitero’s more powerful chips are designed to enable users to do things on their smartphones that were previously done on other digital devices.” – P. Kelly

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Nitero has offices in Austin, Texas and Melbourne, Australia. 

Austin Headquarters

327 Congress Avenue, Suite 490, Austin, Texas 78701, USA

Melbourne Design Centre

32 Lincoln Square North, Carlton, Victoria 3053 Australia

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